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It's all fun and games at the Carnival
Digging today for a better tomorrow!

After a 6-month hiatus Gundren Rockseeker asked for the party to come back together for an update and a mission. Halrich spent his time off by trying to create wooden wings for flight, but failed miserably. Daggoth spent his time investigating possible paths for breaking his connection to devil patron. Naivara was on sick leave and Aire took a personal sabbatical to become “more connected to his arts”.

The party arrived at Wave Echo Cave, now the headquarters for Rockseeker incorporated, to meet with Gundren. Gundren gave a brief, but excellent, PowerPoint presentation highlighting the goals and structure of the company as well. While Rockseeker Inc. is a mining company, Gundren explained how investigating the Spellforge and dimensional travel is the true mission for him and the party. He explained how everything else is more of a cover for his goal of vengeance against the Black Spider for his brothers' deaths. To help with this tasks Gundren introduced the Head of the Magical Item and Artifact research division, Luth. The party was of course familiar with Luth after spending time buying goods and selling precious treasure and family heirlooms to him at his store. As the presentation continued, Gundren discussed how there have been several teams created to investigate the current method for dimensional jumping, and how they have more of a handle of things thanks to Luth’s research. Since Aire is on sabbatical, Gundren said he had to find a replacement. At that moment, the warforged cleric Cog, the newest intern and team member, walked in and introduced himself. With a complete team Gundren said they will jump right into the mission.

The teams first mission would come from a scroll simply called The Carnival. Gundren and the team were not sure what to expect. They only knew that in order to return they would need to accomplish a task. As they began teleporting from their world accompanied with the familiar POPs the team began to leave this existence and started passing through that eerie plane of white nothingness, they heard another voice saying…. “help me…help me…..Save me….SAVE ME”. The voiced started to fade as reality started to form around them again. First came the smells of cider and stews followed closely by the sounds of laughter and music. They grey fog around them began to take forms of objects and people, before finally solidifying. It is in the moment the party had once again successful jumped to another place or time.

The party was again in a mid-conversation with someone that was asking for help. They were talking to Aelia an older woman who feared that a roaming carnival was spreading a sickness to Hillpicket and all the other communities surrounding the larger city of Hillsfar. She revealed that she visited the carnival once in another town and believes that she wasn’t affected because of her homemade talisman. She's convinced that the entire town is in on whatever secrets the carnival possesses and is thoroughly convinced that the characters will be able to figure out what is going on with her help saying "This runs too deep! Everyone's got their fingers in this mess!". The party decides to talk to the bartender to get another perspective and more info about the town they are in. The bartender, Hope Kellar, is not only the owner of this inn, but is also the mayor of Hillpicket. She tells the party that she thinks and negative talk about the carnival is rubbish and that Aelia is just an old paranoid woman. Hope states that the carnival will be good for business and good for breaking up the monotony of being a small farming town.


After getting a second opinion about the carnival the party decides to leave for the night and see if they can scout out the carnival before they show up to town. Putting down a deposit the party gets a couple of horses from Hope and head West to wear the carnival was last seen. Travelling for a few hours the party actual ran into the carnival caravan on its way to Hillpicket. Instead of sneaking on the party decided to let them get to the town unbothered.


Arriving in town late at night, Doctor Jubals carnival began setting up and announced their presence with a loud bang of a cannon and dancing acrobats. The carnival were handing out a handful of free tickets to those that were present, including the party. Before the party went into check out the carnival they ran into Aelia who said she would check out some of the newer attractions that she missed her first time visiting. The party declined to accompany her.


Once inside the party went straight to some carnival games. Halrich tried his hand at the archery game failing a couple time, which gave Cog a couple of cheap stuffed animals to place all over his body. A couple of those archery losses seemed to be caused by some tricks done by the carnie running the game, but it mattered for naught. After several compulsive attempts, Halrich eventually got the top prize of a large bear which he gave to Cog. The next game played was a simple ring the bell game against Armstrong the Strong Arm. Cog took it upon himself to try this challenge and soundly beat the strong man. His prize was one yellow potion of luck.


The players then went on to see the Exoticum, a place of several strange sights. Inside the tent is arranged so that visitors must follow a set route from canvas room to canvas room. In each room is an exotic sight. Two-headed calves float in pickle jars, tattooed contortionists perform, a living man-shaped construct of rare beauty stares at onlookers, a chained a woman petting a live cat with two faces, a goblin charms a snake…all sights to amaze and confuse. The final sight in the Exocticum was shown by the two hosts, Vlarune (a human male) and Thia (A woman high elf); the sight was of a gagged mermaid in what appeared to be a locked thick glass and metal container. The party left the Excoticum with a few concerns and suspicions.


Moments after exiting the Exoticum the adventurers started to get accosted by several featureless masked fools. The fools start innocently enough—tumbling and clowning. Soon enough, however, they start to be a genuine nuisance to the party—mirroring their actions and mocking the characters in their high-pitched laughs as the party try to get past them. They never use real words. Eventually, the fools start grabbing at the adventurers; attempting to pull them to the ground and grab their weapons. The fools continued to escalate their actions until finally Cog had enough and punched back one of the fools. As soon as it looked like a fight was in hand a carnival worker who had been passively watching up until that point hurries over and shouts at the fools to go away. The carnie, Elliah Coastar apologized profusely offering food and drink as an act of forgiveness on behalf of the carnival. Based on their conversations with Elliah the party learns that there have been a couple of new attractions Madame Darkness, the mirror maze, dancing rats, and the fools. He mentions how the fools are extremely loyal to Dr. Jubal who as of late, been a little bit more distant.


The party, interested at this point decided to question Doctor Jubal. As they approached his tent the party ran into a small crowd of fools again. Like earlier, the fools began harassing the party until the ruckus grabbed the attention of Doctor Jubal. Jubal deflected all questions about the Carnival potentially driving people crazy and said “If we were to blame for a sickness wouldn’t my people be falling ill as well? This isn't the first time we've been blamed for something not our fault. It is the way of simple folk to blame those they don't understand.” Doctor Jubal denies Cog and Daggoth the opportunity to join his circus saying he has enough freaks in his show already before retiring back to his living quarters.


The adventurers decided to explore the rest of the new attractions and see if those could be the cause of the illness; starting first with Madam Darkness. Inside the Madam’s tent is a haze of smoke with a few candles lighting the tent. Through the mild smoke the adventurers see an older elf with golden skin. She offers to do a tarot card reading for the players. In her readings, she warns the party about the monster in the mirror and the beast, before shooing the party out of her tent.


As the party leaves Madam Darkness tent they see Aelia is sitting on the ground, behind a tent—out of sight of the rest of the carnival goers. She is cackling uncontrollably with a pained look on her face. As the adventurer’s approach Aelia she shudders and falls over. Aelia starts babbling incoherently, her eyes rolling up into her head and becomes feverish. Without warning, she appears to have a bout of lucidity. She says: “Fools……listen…remember…someone…mirrors…they…call…us…the…mirrors…"

As the final words leave her lips, Aelia's head lolls and she appears to lapse further still into feverish babbling. A spider web of cracks begins to spread across her wrinkled skin.


As the adventurers crouch over her body a white-masked fool approaches and throws a rat at the party. Without warning, a slew of rats pour out from under nearby stalls and tents, and attack the party. The four fools attack the party along with two swarms of rats and two giant rats. The party is able to fight them off easily, especially with Cogs cleric spells. After the fighting is complete the party heads straight to the Mirror maze.

Before entering Daggoth ties of a bit of rope outside the maze before entering. The maze is dimly lit with low lanterns, relying on the mirrors to reflect the light throughout. The entire maze is filled with flickering light and dancing shadows with the walls and ceiling covered in mirrors. The sounds of giggling and shouts echo throughout. The maze didn’t seem that difficult for the party to navigate, but the they quickly found themselves becoming increasingly disoriented only with Daggoths rope to keep a path. What looks like a clear passageway lead many of them face-first into a mirror. The interior looked far larger than the exterior might suggest as their reflections seem to move in menacing ways.

The adventurers stumble into a large open space within the maze and find a number of villagers; chained to the floor. The symbol of a black six-finger hand surrounded by arcane runes is crudely painted on the floor between them. Among the villagers are Aelia, Hope Kellar, and surprisingly Doctor Jubal. Doctor Jubal looks disheveled, as though he had been here for some time. In total, there are over a dozen individuals present. Those that have been imprisoned the longest show facial disfigurements as they have been transformed into fools the longest. The party goes about freeing each villager before talking to Doctor Jubal. They found out that Jubal had been replaced by one of his long-time carnies, the shape changer Tak! He says he thinks she has become or is working with some type of demon. Before long the players hear a laughter again and then see somebody walk out of one of the mirrors.

Tak walked around the edge of the area, eyeing the adventurers as though unsure what to do. She bowed mockingly to the party and said, “Is everything you can't understand always a demon amongst you yokels? Nevertheless, you’ve caught me, oh what am I to do?”. She held her hands out as though surrendering and offering to be manacled… then grinned and dropped her hands to her side, changing shape into Aelia, Jubal, and Halrich laughing. Before the final fight begun she said “I admit that the rumors about the sickness were inconvenient, but it is the price you pay for the master's gifts. Soon you to will know his blessing.” With that the fight begun.

The battle consisted of rats, fools, and two Taks (one mirror copy and one in the flesh)! The party were holding their own and doing their best to take down enemies and knock out mirrors (which seemed to be a partial source of her power). Even with the illusion magic of the mirrors and Tak’s shape shifting ability the battle was short-lived between Cog’s spells, Halrich’s sneak attack, and Daggoth’s eldritch blast.  At the battles completion, the party expected to be zipped back to their dimension thinking that they had completed the task required of them. The party took a moment to rest from their fight before deciding they must be tasked with saving the trapped mermaid from the Excoticum. Their discussion with the real Jubal made it seem that this was entirely out of character for Vlarune and Thia to do something so evil.

Arriving at the Excoticum the adventurers and Jubal find the container the mermaid was in, hastily covered with large blanket, and the couple. Thia tried to convince the party to leave them alone and that they have done nothing wrong. Before any more arguments could be made Jubal removed the covering, revealing a much uglier creature than what was shown before. The creature revealed itself to be Pisces. As the creature got out of the water it began to transform. Its tail separated into legs. Its jaw grew and unhinged like that of an angler fish. By the time it completed its quick transformation it nearly doubled in size and ready for a fight. The battle ended in victory for the party, and the deaths of Pisces and the corrupted Thia and Valrune. With this success the party is warped back to their world.

The Pirates Cove
"Does the DM have a thing for tentacles?"

Making their way to the pirate cove the party encountered their first challenge of what looked to be some pirate rogues, cultists, and a large berserker who was covered in pustules and small tentacles coming out of his body. Naivara scouted out the cave with Hedwig II, her familiar owl, and noticed a large brass bell that she deduced was probably some type of alarm. The party was able to surprise the pirate group and quickly take them out. As they finished off the berserker with one last strike, they noticed his corpse begin to change. It eventually changed into a Gibbering Mouther, a monster that affected the adventurers mind if they were close to the creature. The party was able to kill the monster, but not before  Daggoth took a solid hit from the monster and was forced to run away due to the monsters power.

After clearing the entrance of the cave, the party found a group of sleeping pirates and simply decided to slit all of their throats, but one. The sole survivor, Price, was the first mate of the pirate ship and offered to work with the party to mutiny against Captain Jarzon and get rid of his cultist loyalist. Before heading off to find the prisoners and Captain Jarzon, the party decided to investigate another section of the cave that had a pool and a young maiden. The party quickly discovered that the girl, Charissa, was clearly some type of spirit. Gundren took a moment to get near the  girl, comfort her, and bond over their recent losses. With a lucky charisma roll, Gundren got her to explain how she died and what the cult was doing, allowing the party to avoid a fight with an angry spirit.

In order to take out the bug bears guarding the prisoners the party decided to take some of the extremely potent rum and get the bugbears drunk. Once in the rum storage room the party found they were becoming effected as if they were drunk. This however did not stop Halrich from opening a lost chest and finding 300 GP. During the investigation of the rum, the party found a Imp drinking in an empty rum barrel. The frighten Imp attacked Naivara in its escape through the entrance. In a moment multiple Imps were popping out of barrels causing some minor damage to the rest of the party. Eventually, the crew was able to get some of the Imp's powerful rum and dilute it with regular pirate rum. Daggoth suggested that he, disguised as Steve the Pirate,  and first mate Price serve the bugbears. The plan goes well as the bugbears take the drinks as a part of Pirate & Co. new corporate perks. All but one bugbear went down from the poisoned tankards. It took a quick fight with the last bugbear to have the room cleared.

With the prisoners freed, the party moved onwards to the beach where Captain Jarzon was performing some blood ritual to summon what he thought was a god. Price took a moment to convince six pirates to join her in mutiny against Captain Jarzon, which instantly cut down the number of enemies in half. The cultist put up little of a fight, but were able to defend Captain Jarzon long enough for him to summon the monster. The octopus (Yay more tentacles!) like monster came in and instantly killed Captain Jarzon and one of the cultist, before engaging the party. Before the monster had the opportunity to do a lot of damage Daggoth and Aire, pulled off a crippling Hex/Bestow Curse Combo, that effectively immobilized the monster who revealed at this point to be called Aquaris. By this point the party was just grinding away at Aquarius tentacles and health. Eventually, Aquarius was able to break from the curse and incapacitate several of the pirates and Aire using a vile vomit attack. It, however, mattered little as the party was soon able to defeat him. Its body fell to the ground and became a small talisman with two wave like symbols on it. 

As Daggoth picked up the talisman there was familiar Pop. The Black Spider had appeared flying in the air above the party, stating that he "arrived too late this time. I guess I will just finish you off now!".  A moment after a talisman on his necklace glowed as he ripped the battle axe from Gundren's hand and destroyed it in an instance. Before the Spider could make another attack there was another noise Pop Pop Pop. In an instance there was a lion much in the form of a man, a Centaur with the face of a horse, and a humanoid angel like creature among the party on the beach. The Black Spider looked clearly upset at the new arrivals. The new strangers and Halrich fired a variety of magic, arrows, and bullets at which the Black Spider used some type of shield spell to misdirect. Realizing this was not the best opportunity for a fight he teleported out with the strangers teleporting shortly afterwards leaving the party still confused as to what the fuck was going on.

Having completed the mission, the party got their rewards and treasure and got pulled back to their dimension in wave echo cave. Gundren asked for the parties help on figuring out what exactly is going on and how he can get revenge against the Spider. With that the crew went back to town to do some inventory management with Luth and they showed up to the new Fantasy Costco. They were greeted by an amazingly catchy tune and by Garfield the deals warlock. The party made several deals including some stones of far speech, Physician Pendant, Wand of Switcheroo, Mystery bag which was an adorable goldfish, and the Ring of Recall to name a few. Daggoth seemed to be eyeing the Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword of Doom for 65,000 GP. Halrich got some new armor.

The party now has some down time while Gundren and Luth try to figure out what is going on with Wave Echo Cave. What will the party do with their free time?

Wave Echo Cave
Where the fuck are we?

The party entered Wave Echo Cave and immediately met with an unfortunate sight, the corpse of one of Gundren's brother – Tharden. Exploring the cave the party ran into all sorts of creature and sights. Undead skeletons, monster jellies, wraith, spectator, and undead green flame skulls provided a challenge for the party, but could not stop them. Through their investigation of the cave they found signs of the battle from long ago between the defenders of the mines the ravaging orc horde. One room protected by a Wraith had walls filled with scrolls with dates and names that each gave off slight magical energy. A quick investigation provide little additional information.

With most of the cave investigated the party pushed on to the dwarven temple in the back of the cave to face against the black spider. They came upon a scene of what seemed to be Nundro, Gundren's youngest brother, and the Black Spider. Gundren rushed in to rescue his brother only to get stabbed revealing Nundro to be a doppleganger. At this moment four giant spiders descended from the high ceilings starting the battle in earnest. The battle was hard fought with both Naivara and Gundren being taken down and nearly killed, but eventually the party was able to disarm the Black Spider and kill him with a crossbow bolt. As the Black Spider dropped to the ground it too was revealed to be another doppleganger.

After finishing off the last giant spider the party explored the room to reveal a magical quiver, some holy water, and locked room. Using a key off the body of the Black Spider doppleganger they opened the room to a priests quarters to reveal a tortured and deceased Nundro. Gundren , sadden at the sight of his dead brother, beckon the party to help him finish clearing the cave so he may finally bury his two brothers. Going to the location of the green flame skull the party found it, curiously, already destroyed. They decided to push forward to the room formerly guarded by the Spectator to try the key they just picked up, but they arrived to find the familiar figure of the Black Spider.

This figure was an even older looking Black Spider with the same Black Spider Staff in hand and a strange talisman around his neck and scroll in hand. He was in the center of a platform saying a chant for some type of ritual. The party tried to disrupt him with range attacks only to discover that a powerful force field surrounded him. Aire tried to cast silence, but it seemed to have no affect on the area of the platform. Naivara attempted a counter-spell the ritual only to see it had no affect. Finally, Gundren and Daggoth attempted to crack the force field with their magical weapons to no avail. The chanting continued to get louder until it suddenly stopped. In an instance everything turned to white and the party seemed to be in nothingness. The nothingness that surrounded them slowly turned to a grey fog with a only one noticeable sound of "Help…Help…HELP ME". The party started to smell a nearby ocean, begin to feel the heat of a sun, as reality seemed to form around them they were in front of ship captain in a port city. Snapping into reality mid-conversation with Captain Jenny Harkin, the party learned that they are in fact in the city of Port Arthur of the continent of Aria, a location they definitely know is not in the world of Faerun. The party notice a few noticeable differences including having pistols and most noticeably that Daigoth is no longer dragon born. 

The party agrees to save Captain Harkin's crew and get rid of the pirates. Meeting with a witch on the outskirts of town, the party learns that they might have been brought to this place for a purpose and that fulfilling that purpose might allow them to return to their world. With that in mind the party joins Captain Harkin on her ship, The Second Best, to go to the Pirates hideout and save the crew.

Thundertree and Cragmaw Castle
Killing Dragons and Sidestepping fights

After fighting a couple zombies and twig blights, the party found Reidoth the druid. Reidoth offered to take the party to Cragmaw Castle where Gundren was being held hostage on the condition that they drive out the dragon from the town. He mentioned that the town is still infested with zombies and monster, but that there is also a group of blacked cloaked people on the edge of town with unknown intentions.

With this knowledge the party decided to clear every buildings of zombies and monster before taking on the dragon. The only difficulty the party faced was a couple spiders and their webs since most of the time the group used their superior tactics against all the monsters. Eventually the party met the cloaked and masked group of humans that called themselves the order of the dragon. They said they wanted to parlay with the dragon and move him away from the town. While the order reasons seemed vague the party agreed to working together to try and reason with the dragon.

After resting a bit, the party met up with the order of the dragon at the foot of the tower and prepared a plan on how to deal with the dragon. With a plan to try and reason with the dragon the party and order of the dragon travel up the tower to the Green Dragon's Lair. As the party approached the young dragon Daggoth tried to begin introducing the group to the dragon only to have the order of the dragon leader interrupt him immediately and began making a theatric speech in draconic. Daggoth understood that the Order leader was telling the dragon that the party was a sacrificial offering to get in his good graces. The order members pushed the party forward and blocked off the exit.

With few options left the party tried to convince the dragon of their use as minions and made offers to help him move his lair to the grander Cragmaw Castle. The dragon Venomfang said he would accept such an offer if the party gave him 150 gold a piece and three magical items to add to his treasure horde. The party unwilling to give up their hard earned coin tried to negotiate with the dragon which ended up upsetting him. In a bit of rage Venomfang released a noxious poison breath taking out a few of the party members.

Before the fight could continue Daggoth had a moment where time seemed to freeze only for him. Pop. Out of nowhere his devil patron Asmodeus came before him with an offer to give him the ability to defeat Venomfang. All he wanted in return was complete control of his body to handle one request at some unknown time in the future. Daggoth declined the offer willing to fight the dragon with his fellow team member. Pop Asmodeus disappeared leaving Daggoth to handle the fight with his team members.

The fight was tough bringing most of the party members close to death. Eventually, Daggoth called upon his patrons power and got the dragonslayer greatsword in return. With Naivara's spell slinging, Halrich's sneak attacks, Aire's use of tasha's hideous laughter, and Daggoth's new weapon the party was able to overcome the dragon taking off it's head. Taking a moment to gather their new loot the party chased down the rest of the Order of the Dragon and wiped them out for their betrayal.

Fulfilling their side of the deal Reidoth held true to his word by taking the party to Cragmaw Castle.

Rather than tackle the castle head on the group scouted out a hidden entrance with the use of Naivara's familiar. Infiltrating the castle the party found goblins and hobgoblin patrols. In a nearby room they were able to listen in on King Grol arguing with what seemed to be a dark elf representing the Black Spider. Entering the room they discovered King and the Dark elf haggling over the price for the unconscious Gundren Rockseeker. The party first tried to negotiate with the King and nearly convinced him to give up the dwarf for the right price, but eventually the negotiation broke down leading to a fight. The fight was hard fought leading to the defeat of King Grol, Hobgoblins, pet wolves, and the drow (which was revealed to be a shapechanger). Exploring the castle some more the party happen upon a barred door holding a large Owlbear. Having sympathy for the Owlbear, the party released the creature watching it leave for the front entrance destroying every creature and object in its path. The party left shortly afterwards leaving the castle forces utterly destroyed.

With Gundren and his maps in hand the party decided to head to Wave Echo Cave and face whatever the cave has in store for them.


Zombies, Orcs, and Ettins Oh My!

After the party met with the Banshee at Conyberry and asked their one question, they decided to press on towards the report of zombies at the Old Owl Well Watchtower.

As the party approached the old watchtower the smell of death and rot hit them first before they even saw the tower. After keeping a safe distance away the party decided to try and investigate using Remy, the mouse familiar, to check out the colorful tent set up near the tower. Unfortunately, Remy couldn't keep in his desire to squeak alerting a small horde of zombies out from the ruined watch tower and a red robed necromancer called Hamun. Without anything within eyesight a majority of the horde and Hamun returned to the tower leaving a few zombie to guard the area. The party decided to take to the trees above the ridge and take out the zombies from afar. Hamun and the rest of the horde returned, only to be taken out swiftly. The party interrogated Hamun, where he revealed his quest to discover an ancient spellbook to discover a way to bring back his wife (the only nonviolent zombie). After his failed attempt to escape, he asks to  be killed which Daggoth obliges. 

After spending some time to get the smell of death out of their clothes and gear, the party goes on the hunt to find the Orc near Wyvern Tor and clear them out. After a couple of hours searching the party finds the opening of a cave with a lone orc watchman. Daggoth, disguises himself as a fellow Orc and tries to convince the watchman to leave his post. He attempts to craft a story about a group of attacking humans, but that plan backfires immediately as the watchman tries to go back to get more help. Daggoth makes a last attempt by casting command and forcing the orc from his post. After a bit of interrogation the party learns about the chief, KlargVarg, and the rest of the orc band. The party then continues using Daggoth disguised as an orc to lead more of the war band to their death. The party kill the first three unsuspecting orcs easily. When The chief, KlargVarg, and another orc get lead out Daggoth makes a failed attempt to lead the chief away and instead attacks him out in the open. KlargVarg takes this to be an attempt to become chief allowing the two to fight one on one. When the chief falls the rest of the party attacks the remaining orc, before focusing the the fight on KlargVarg. The fight with KlargVarg is difficult, but in the end succeeds with the use of heat metal and teamwork.

The party returns to Phandalin to reap their rewards going first to sister Gaeraele receiving three health potions. Talked to Daran about the Old Owl Well. He showed his thanks by giving his personal silvered dagger. The party showed their appreciation by promptly selling it. They meet with the mayor to receive their reward for clearing Wyvern Tor (using the chiefs head as proof) They later meet with Luth to discuss and sell some of the items they found. The party departure accidently sets off his rube goldberg machine. As the party leaves the apothecary, they run into Pip and Carp. They learn that the two lads are not only their biggest fans, but they want to become adventuring detectives inspired directly from the party.  Pip asks to become an apprentice to Naivara and learn the ways of magic, while Carp asks Halrich to be apprentice in the ways of the rogue. Carp even shows Halrich his rudimentary, nonfunctioning set of thieves tools. He gets his heart immediately broken when Halrich tells him he would be better off as an accountant, a fate worse than Carp's current status as a farmer.

The party decided to adventure on to the town of Thundertree where they know of some treasure and the location of Reidoth, the druid, who knows everything located in the forests.

The story so far

Our story begins with the party on a simple escort mention of a caravan of goods from Neverwinter to Phandalin for the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker. Along the way to Phandalen the party come across the dead horses of Gundren and his bodyguard Sildar Halwinter. With little time to think about the fate of their patron, the party is ambushed by a goblins. After killing all, but one captured goblin the party quickly begins interrogating about the location of Gundren. They learned that the Cragmaw tribe was order to capture Gundren for reasons unknown, but says that he was last taken to a nearby goblin cave hideout. 

After discovering the cave the party has a short skirmish outside of the entrance. The battle leads inwards to the wolves den, before coming to its conclusion. After weighing the options on where to proceed from there, the party discovered a shaft that they wanted to explore. After Thorgrim, successfully climbed the passage, he let down a robe to help the rest of the team to join him. It did not take long before he was spotted by the local Cragmaw boss, a bugbear named Klarg. While Thorgrim did his best to hold Klarg at bay, the party was having difficulty joining him. After holding his own for so long, he was overcome by Klarg strength when he had his head bashed in. Thorgrim death was quickly avenged by the rest of the party. With some quick thinking by Halrich, he cut off the head of Klarg and used that to intimidate the release of Sildar Halwinter and leave the rest of the goblins behind.

Once free and away from the cave, Sildar thanks the party for his rescues and reveals to them why Gundren was probably targeted. They learned about the Wave Echo Cave, Forge of Spells, and the Phandelver's Pact. Specifically, the learned that over 500 years ago there was an alliance of Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans, and a few Elves made an agreement to share in the wealth of the mine and the special forge that could be found there. However, the cave was overrun by an orc horde leading to massive destruction of the cave and causing it to be lost to time. Gundren and his brothers had recently discovered an entrance to the cave and were preparing an excavation. Sildar believed that is the only reason they would have been attacked. 

Once the party get to Phandelin, they quickly go to the Stonehill Inn were they meet a few of the friendly locals and a new ally, the dragonborn called Daggoth. It is not long before they realize that the town is being strong armed by a local gang called the Redbrands. A group of the Redbrands try to welcome the party to town by trying to hold up the party. After a solid whooping, the party captures one Redbrand and charms him to learn about their hideout and their boss. They learn about them being run by a wizard called Glastaff and their holdout at Tresendar Mansion basement. In an attempted rescue, a few Redbrands try to free their friend and ambush the party. They nearly killed the new party member Daggoth, but in the end were no match for the adventurers.

The party made their way through the Redbrand hideout. In doing so they freed some prisoners (learning about some treasure in Thundertree), disguised themselves as Redbrands, killed a Nothic, tricked some bugbears, used Droop (the lowly goblin) to poison some of the gang members, used him to poison the bugbears who killed him before dying, discovered an alchemy lab where Halrich drank a random vile that gave him giant strength, killed the wizards mouse familiar, and hunt down Glastaff. After a short battle and note, the party learned that Glastaff (so named for his green glass staff) was working for somebody called the Black Spider. Futhermore, they learned that Glastaff was actually Iarno. Sildar Halwinter's friend who was suppose to help the town.

With the town cleaned up, the party has gone on some side quests in hopes to learn the location of Cragmaw castle and Gundren.


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