Naivara Galanodel


Age: 124


When you first encounter Naivara, she seems an elusive high elf, pale with silver-white hair and green eyes flecked with gold. Tall for an elf, she towers at just over 6 feet and is lanky and graceful. She is a mysterious force practiced in the often considered dark art of necromancy. However, her pursuit of knowledge somewhat contradicts her practice, and her true intentions are still yet unknown. She comes from a far and distant planet, and there is no knowledge of her family or how she came to our current destination. She studied for many years at a prestigious university, although previously what she studied is still a mystery. She reveals very little about herself, but her passion for knowledge is unrivaled. She appears to have recently left her post at the university, and started travelling in pursuit of the unknown. Her years of studying have made her somewhat socially awkward, but her often mysterious personality and high intellect disguises this fact. Whether her intentions are good or evil are still unknown, but for now, she appears content with her travels around her.

Naivara Galanodel

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