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Wave Echo Cave

Where the fuck are we?

The party entered Wave Echo Cave and immediately met with an unfortunate sight, the corpse of one of Gundren's brother – Tharden. Exploring the cave the party ran into all sorts of creature and sights. Undead skeletons, monster jellies, wraith, spectator, and undead green flame skulls provided a challenge for the party, but could not stop them. Through their investigation of the cave they found signs of the battle from long ago between the defenders of the mines the ravaging orc horde. One room protected by a Wraith had walls filled with scrolls with dates and names that each gave off slight magical energy. A quick investigation provide little additional information.

With most of the cave investigated the party pushed on to the dwarven temple in the back of the cave to face against the black spider. They came upon a scene of what seemed to be Nundro, Gundren's youngest brother, and the Black Spider. Gundren rushed in to rescue his brother only to get stabbed revealing Nundro to be a doppleganger. At this moment four giant spiders descended from the high ceilings starting the battle in earnest. The battle was hard fought with both Naivara and Gundren being taken down and nearly killed, but eventually the party was able to disarm the Black Spider and kill him with a crossbow bolt. As the Black Spider dropped to the ground it too was revealed to be another doppleganger.

After finishing off the last giant spider the party explored the room to reveal a magical quiver, some holy water, and locked room. Using a key off the body of the Black Spider doppleganger they opened the room to a priests quarters to reveal a tortured and deceased Nundro. Gundren , sadden at the sight of his dead brother, beckon the party to help him finish clearing the cave so he may finally bury his two brothers. Going to the location of the green flame skull the party found it, curiously, already destroyed. They decided to push forward to the room formerly guarded by the Spectator to try the key they just picked up, but they arrived to find the familiar figure of the Black Spider.

This figure was an even older looking Black Spider with the same Black Spider Staff in hand and a strange talisman around his neck and scroll in hand. He was in the center of a platform saying a chant for some type of ritual. The party tried to disrupt him with range attacks only to discover that a powerful force field surrounded him. Aire tried to cast silence, but it seemed to have no affect on the area of the platform. Naivara attempted a counter-spell the ritual only to see it had no affect. Finally, Gundren and Daggoth attempted to crack the force field with their magical weapons to no avail. The chanting continued to get louder until it suddenly stopped. In an instance everything turned to white and the party seemed to be in nothingness. The nothingness that surrounded them slowly turned to a grey fog with a only one noticeable sound of "Help…Help…HELP ME". The party started to smell a nearby ocean, begin to feel the heat of a sun, as reality seemed to form around them they were in front of ship captain in a port city. Snapping into reality mid-conversation with Captain Jenny Harkin, the party learned that they are in fact in the city of Port Arthur of the continent of Aria, a location they definitely know is not in the world of Faerun. The party notice a few noticeable differences including having pistols and most noticeably that Daigoth is no longer dragon born. 

The party agrees to save Captain Harkin's crew and get rid of the pirates. Meeting with a witch on the outskirts of town, the party learns that they might have been brought to this place for a purpose and that fulfilling that purpose might allow them to return to their world. With that in mind the party joins Captain Harkin on her ship, The Second Best, to go to the Pirates hideout and save the crew.


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