Cog Forgenhammerstove

A war golem turned sentient


STR: 14
DEX: 8
CON: 16
INT: 12
WIS: 16
CHA: 8

HP: 45 AC:19

Equipment: chain mail, a shield which is really just a huge gear with a handle welded on it, a huge wrench that functions as his warhammer.


Originally part of a large army of war golems created by dwarves, Cog and many others were, reluctantly, set free when they somehow gained sentience. Seeking their freedom many warforged were cast out of dwarven society due to less than friendly negotiations between their Dwarven creators and the newly conscious Warforged.

Cog, like many other of his kind believe this spark of sentience to be from the God of the Forge, Onatar. This sect of warforged think they are the next logical step of humanoid evolution. Onatar made dwarves and improved upon dwarves by making warforged. Cog insists on seeing the world and learning more and more about forging. Being kicked out of his dwarven home he can no longer study there. He’s fascinated by other creature’s culture and thinks he is just a tad above them. He seeks an adventuring crew not because he needs help or company, but due to his curiosity and to protect these poor squishy fleshies with his superior tough body.

Cog named himself.

Cog Forgenhammerstove

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