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The Pirates Cove

"Does the DM have a thing for tentacles?"

Making their way to the pirate cove the party encountered their first challenge of what looked to be some pirate rogues, cultists, and a large berserker who was covered in pustules and small tentacles coming out of his body. Naivara scouted out the cave with Hedwig II, her familiar owl, and noticed a large brass bell that she deduced was probably some type of alarm. The party was able to surprise the pirate group and quickly take them out. As they finished off the berserker with one last strike, they noticed his corpse begin to change. It eventually changed into a Gibbering Mouther, a monster that affected the adventurers mind if they were close to the creature. The party was able to kill the monster, but not before  Daggoth took a solid hit from the monster and was forced to run away due to the monsters power.

After clearing the entrance of the cave, the party found a group of sleeping pirates and simply decided to slit all of their throats, but one. The sole survivor, Price, was the first mate of the pirate ship and offered to work with the party to mutiny against Captain Jarzon and get rid of his cultist loyalist. Before heading off to find the prisoners and Captain Jarzon, the party decided to investigate another section of the cave that had a pool and a young maiden. The party quickly discovered that the girl, Charissa, was clearly some type of spirit. Gundren took a moment to get near the  girl, comfort her, and bond over their recent losses. With a lucky charisma roll, Gundren got her to explain how she died and what the cult was doing, allowing the party to avoid a fight with an angry spirit.

In order to take out the bug bears guarding the prisoners the party decided to take some of the extremely potent rum and get the bugbears drunk. Once in the rum storage room the party found they were becoming effected as if they were drunk. This however did not stop Halrich from opening a lost chest and finding 300 GP. During the investigation of the rum, the party found a Imp drinking in an empty rum barrel. The frighten Imp attacked Naivara in its escape through the entrance. In a moment multiple Imps were popping out of barrels causing some minor damage to the rest of the party. Eventually, the crew was able to get some of the Imp's powerful rum and dilute it with regular pirate rum. Daggoth suggested that he, disguised as Steve the Pirate,  and first mate Price serve the bugbears. The plan goes well as the bugbears take the drinks as a part of Pirate & Co. new corporate perks. All but one bugbear went down from the poisoned tankards. It took a quick fight with the last bugbear to have the room cleared.

With the prisoners freed, the party moved onwards to the beach where Captain Jarzon was performing some blood ritual to summon what he thought was a god. Price took a moment to convince six pirates to join her in mutiny against Captain Jarzon, which instantly cut down the number of enemies in half. The cultist put up little of a fight, but were able to defend Captain Jarzon long enough for him to summon the monster. The octopus (Yay more tentacles!) like monster came in and instantly killed Captain Jarzon and one of the cultist, before engaging the party. Before the monster had the opportunity to do a lot of damage Daggoth and Aire, pulled off a crippling Hex/Bestow Curse Combo, that effectively immobilized the monster who revealed at this point to be called Aquaris. By this point the party was just grinding away at Aquarius tentacles and health. Eventually, Aquarius was able to break from the curse and incapacitate several of the pirates and Aire using a vile vomit attack. It, however, mattered little as the party was soon able to defeat him. Its body fell to the ground and became a small talisman with two wave like symbols on it. 

As Daggoth picked up the talisman there was familiar Pop. The Black Spider had appeared flying in the air above the party, stating that he "arrived too late this time. I guess I will just finish you off now!".  A moment after a talisman on his necklace glowed as he ripped the battle axe from Gundren's hand and destroyed it in an instance. Before the Spider could make another attack there was another noise Pop Pop Pop. In an instance there was a lion much in the form of a man, a Centaur with the face of a horse, and a humanoid angel like creature among the party on the beach. The Black Spider looked clearly upset at the new arrivals. The new strangers and Halrich fired a variety of magic, arrows, and bullets at which the Black Spider used some type of shield spell to misdirect. Realizing this was not the best opportunity for a fight he teleported out with the strangers teleporting shortly afterwards leaving the party still confused as to what the fuck was going on.

Having completed the mission, the party got their rewards and treasure and got pulled back to their dimension in wave echo cave. Gundren asked for the parties help on figuring out what exactly is going on and how he can get revenge against the Spider. With that the crew went back to town to do some inventory management with Luth and they showed up to the new Fantasy Costco. They were greeted by an amazingly catchy tune and by Garfield the deals warlock. The party made several deals including some stones of far speech, Physician Pendant, Wand of Switcheroo, Mystery bag which was an adorable goldfish, and the Ring of Recall to name a few. Daggoth seemed to be eyeing the Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword of Doom for 65,000 GP. Halrich got some new armor.

The party now has some down time while Gundren and Luth try to figure out what is going on with Wave Echo Cave. What will the party do with their free time?


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