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The story so far

Our story begins with the party on a simple escort mention of a caravan of goods from Neverwinter to Phandalin for the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker. Along the way to Phandalen the party come across the dead horses of Gundren and his bodyguard Sildar Halwinter. With little time to think about the fate of their patron, the party is ambushed by a goblins. After killing all, but one captured goblin the party quickly begins interrogating about the location of Gundren. They learned that the Cragmaw tribe was order to capture Gundren for reasons unknown, but says that he was last taken to a nearby goblin cave hideout. 

After discovering the cave the party has a short skirmish outside of the entrance. The battle leads inwards to the wolves den, before coming to its conclusion. After weighing the options on where to proceed from there, the party discovered a shaft that they wanted to explore. After Thorgrim, successfully climbed the passage, he let down a robe to help the rest of the team to join him. It did not take long before he was spotted by the local Cragmaw boss, a bugbear named Klarg. While Thorgrim did his best to hold Klarg at bay, the party was having difficulty joining him. After holding his own for so long, he was overcome by Klarg strength when he had his head bashed in. Thorgrim death was quickly avenged by the rest of the party. With some quick thinking by Halrich, he cut off the head of Klarg and used that to intimidate the release of Sildar Halwinter and leave the rest of the goblins behind.

Once free and away from the cave, Sildar thanks the party for his rescues and reveals to them why Gundren was probably targeted. They learned about the Wave Echo Cave, Forge of Spells, and the Phandelver's Pact. Specifically, the learned that over 500 years ago there was an alliance of Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans, and a few Elves made an agreement to share in the wealth of the mine and the special forge that could be found there. However, the cave was overrun by an orc horde leading to massive destruction of the cave and causing it to be lost to time. Gundren and his brothers had recently discovered an entrance to the cave and were preparing an excavation. Sildar believed that is the only reason they would have been attacked. 

Once the party get to Phandelin, they quickly go to the Stonehill Inn were they meet a few of the friendly locals and a new ally, the dragonborn called Daggoth. It is not long before they realize that the town is being strong armed by a local gang called the Redbrands. A group of the Redbrands try to welcome the party to town by trying to hold up the party. After a solid whooping, the party captures one Redbrand and charms him to learn about their hideout and their boss. They learn about them being run by a wizard called Glastaff and their holdout at Tresendar Mansion basement. In an attempted rescue, a few Redbrands try to free their friend and ambush the party. They nearly killed the new party member Daggoth, but in the end were no match for the adventurers.

The party made their way through the Redbrand hideout. In doing so they freed some prisoners (learning about some treasure in Thundertree), disguised themselves as Redbrands, killed a Nothic, tricked some bugbears, used Droop (the lowly goblin) to poison some of the gang members, used him to poison the bugbears who killed him before dying, discovered an alchemy lab where Halrich drank a random vile that gave him giant strength, killed the wizards mouse familiar, and hunt down Glastaff. After a short battle and note, the party learned that Glastaff (so named for his green glass staff) was working for somebody called the Black Spider. Futhermore, they learned that Glastaff was actually Iarno. Sildar Halwinter's friend who was suppose to help the town.

With the town cleaned up, the party has gone on some side quests in hopes to learn the location of Cragmaw castle and Gundren.


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