Starter Set

Thundertree and Cragmaw Castle

Killing Dragons and Sidestepping fights

After fighting a couple zombies and twig blights, the party found Reidoth the druid. Reidoth offered to take the party to Cragmaw Castle where Gundren was being held hostage on the condition that they drive out the dragon from the town. He mentioned that the town is still infested with zombies and monster, but that there is also a group of blacked cloaked people on the edge of town with unknown intentions.

With this knowledge the party decided to clear every buildings of zombies and monster before taking on the dragon. The only difficulty the party faced was a couple spiders and their webs since most of the time the group used their superior tactics against all the monsters. Eventually the party met the cloaked and masked group of humans that called themselves the order of the dragon. They said they wanted to parlay with the dragon and move him away from the town. While the order reasons seemed vague the party agreed to working together to try and reason with the dragon.

After resting a bit, the party met up with the order of the dragon at the foot of the tower and prepared a plan on how to deal with the dragon. With a plan to try and reason with the dragon the party and order of the dragon travel up the tower to the Green Dragon's Lair. As the party approached the young dragon Daggoth tried to begin introducing the group to the dragon only to have the order of the dragon leader interrupt him immediately and began making a theatric speech in draconic. Daggoth understood that the Order leader was telling the dragon that the party was a sacrificial offering to get in his good graces. The order members pushed the party forward and blocked off the exit.

With few options left the party tried to convince the dragon of their use as minions and made offers to help him move his lair to the grander Cragmaw Castle. The dragon Venomfang said he would accept such an offer if the party gave him 150 gold a piece and three magical items to add to his treasure horde. The party unwilling to give up their hard earned coin tried to negotiate with the dragon which ended up upsetting him. In a bit of rage Venomfang released a noxious poison breath taking out a few of the party members.

Before the fight could continue Daggoth had a moment where time seemed to freeze only for him. Pop. Out of nowhere his devil patron Asmodeus came before him with an offer to give him the ability to defeat Venomfang. All he wanted in return was complete control of his body to handle one request at some unknown time in the future. Daggoth declined the offer willing to fight the dragon with his fellow team member. Pop Asmodeus disappeared leaving Daggoth to handle the fight with his team members.

The fight was tough bringing most of the party members close to death. Eventually, Daggoth called upon his patrons power and got the dragonslayer greatsword in return. With Naivara's spell slinging, Halrich's sneak attacks, Aire's use of tasha's hideous laughter, and Daggoth's new weapon the party was able to overcome the dragon taking off it's head. Taking a moment to gather their new loot the party chased down the rest of the Order of the Dragon and wiped them out for their betrayal.

Fulfilling their side of the deal Reidoth held true to his word by taking the party to Cragmaw Castle.

Rather than tackle the castle head on the group scouted out a hidden entrance with the use of Naivara's familiar. Infiltrating the castle the party found goblins and hobgoblin patrols. In a nearby room they were able to listen in on King Grol arguing with what seemed to be a dark elf representing the Black Spider. Entering the room they discovered King and the Dark elf haggling over the price for the unconscious Gundren Rockseeker. The party first tried to negotiate with the King and nearly convinced him to give up the dwarf for the right price, but eventually the negotiation broke down leading to a fight. The fight was hard fought leading to the defeat of King Grol, Hobgoblins, pet wolves, and the drow (which was revealed to be a shapechanger). Exploring the castle some more the party happen upon a barred door holding a large Owlbear. Having sympathy for the Owlbear, the party released the creature watching it leave for the front entrance destroying every creature and object in its path. The party left shortly afterwards leaving the castle forces utterly destroyed.

With Gundren and his maps in hand the party decided to head to Wave Echo Cave and face whatever the cave has in store for them.



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