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Zombies, Orcs, and Ettins Oh My!

After the party met with the Banshee at Conyberry and asked their one question, they decided to press on towards the report of zombies at the Old Owl Well Watchtower.

As the party approached the old watchtower the smell of death and rot hit them first before they even saw the tower. After keeping a safe distance away the party decided to try and investigate using Remy, the mouse familiar, to check out the colorful tent set up near the tower. Unfortunately, Remy couldn't keep in his desire to squeak alerting a small horde of zombies out from the ruined watch tower and a red robed necromancer called Hamun. Without anything within eyesight a majority of the horde and Hamun returned to the tower leaving a few zombie to guard the area. The party decided to take to the trees above the ridge and take out the zombies from afar. Hamun and the rest of the horde returned, only to be taken out swiftly. The party interrogated Hamun, where he revealed his quest to discover an ancient spellbook to discover a way to bring back his wife (the only nonviolent zombie). After his failed attempt to escape, he asks to  be killed which Daggoth obliges. 

After spending some time to get the smell of death out of their clothes and gear, the party goes on the hunt to find the Orc near Wyvern Tor and clear them out. After a couple of hours searching the party finds the opening of a cave with a lone orc watchman. Daggoth, disguises himself as a fellow Orc and tries to convince the watchman to leave his post. He attempts to craft a story about a group of attacking humans, but that plan backfires immediately as the watchman tries to go back to get more help. Daggoth makes a last attempt by casting command and forcing the orc from his post. After a bit of interrogation the party learns about the chief, KlargVarg, and the rest of the orc band. The party then continues using Daggoth disguised as an orc to lead more of the war band to their death. The party kill the first three unsuspecting orcs easily. When The chief, KlargVarg, and another orc get lead out Daggoth makes a failed attempt to lead the chief away and instead attacks him out in the open. KlargVarg takes this to be an attempt to become chief allowing the two to fight one on one. When the chief falls the rest of the party attacks the remaining orc, before focusing the the fight on KlargVarg. The fight with KlargVarg is difficult, but in the end succeeds with the use of heat metal and teamwork.

The party returns to Phandalin to reap their rewards going first to sister Gaeraele receiving three health potions. Talked to Daran about the Old Owl Well. He showed his thanks by giving his personal silvered dagger. The party showed their appreciation by promptly selling it. They meet with the mayor to receive their reward for clearing Wyvern Tor (using the chiefs head as proof) They later meet with Luth to discuss and sell some of the items they found. The party departure accidently sets off his rube goldberg machine. As the party leaves the apothecary, they run into Pip and Carp. They learn that the two lads are not only their biggest fans, but they want to become adventuring detectives inspired directly from the party.  Pip asks to become an apprentice to Naivara and learn the ways of magic, while Carp asks Halrich to be apprentice in the ways of the rogue. Carp even shows Halrich his rudimentary, nonfunctioning set of thieves tools. He gets his heart immediately broken when Halrich tells him he would be better off as an accountant, a fate worse than Carp's current status as a farmer.

The party decided to adventure on to the town of Thundertree where they know of some treasure and the location of Reidoth, the druid, who knows everything located in the forests.


Thanks for the writeup! Should make a good crib sheet for next time

Zombies, Orcs, and Ettins Oh My!
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